Get a lender you can yell at in person!
November 13, 2018 | Brad Cecil
Rates are important. Closing costs are important. But of supreme importance is proximity. There are lots of lenders out there, and while they all offer similar programs in this age of homogonized, governtment-sponsored, alchemistic lending, the most important factor in borrowing money for your home purchase is location. Like the other real estate rule on location, this one should not be ignored. Why, you ask? Because the originator is still the most important person in the four to six week process of getting a home loan. If they do their job, everything else falls into place pretty well. Like the name says, all the work origninates with them. If they don't get the ball rolling, you're likely to just die on the vine. So, if you have one that's not working, what will they do? Ignore your calls and emails is the first thing. If they're on the other side of the country, there's not much you can do about that. If they're nearby you can go down to the branch and raise hell until somebody listens.

People do ask me for advice on who to use for lending, and for title and closing, and for lots of other things. I don't get any kickbacks from any of these people I feed with referrals, but I do get something more valuable than money: A SIMPLER LIFE! When I refer you to someone that is related to me looking like a hero, you better believe I'm going to try and send you to someone who is good at their job. If they're good, they make me look good. And I like to look good. So, if you look to me for advice on where to get your mortgage (and you should), I'm going to send you to someone who is not only good at what they do, but they're also going to be close enough that I can keep them honest... in person if necessary. And that's your quick and dirty real estate tip of the day from Brad Cecil, and Farmer's House. Check back for more tips or call (270) 297-9086


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